Find the Blue Gold: hidden Slovenian waterfalls

Hot summer days and crowded tourist attractions. What are the ways to escape both? We decided not to go to Bled, Bohinj or Ljubljana, but to explore hidden Slovenian waterfalls. We started our adventures at the surrounding of a small Slovenian village Log pod Mangartom, which is the home of more than 100 waterfalls. In the summer days, a bit of refreshment can be a very welcome thing.

1. Get engaged next to the amazing waterfalls of Predelica

Vivid Predelica stream flows from Predel pass towards Log Pod Mangartom in the beautiful Soča Valley.  It is easily accessible at two points where you could approach amazing Zaročenca waterfall (fiance or engaged couple in English), Emerald Eye and the big waterfall of Predel). Expect to enjoy the scenic athmosphere: natural pools filled with the ice-cold emerald waters, wild walls and fascinating waterfalls.

Marvelous 30 meters high Zaročenca waterfall (slap Zaročenca), Soča Valley, Slovenia. Spread love and say yes next to this adorable Slovenian waterfall.

Two spots to access the waterfalls:

  • Zaročenca waterfall (park the car on the main road Log pod Mangartom – Predel at Strmec village, continue 600 m on the main road, then follow the sign on the left side of the road)
  • Emerald Eye and the waterfall of Predel (on the main road Log pod Mangartom – Predel  find a parking at the section where the road for Mangart Saddle turns right, 50 meters away follow the sign on the left side of the road (Smaragdno oko))
One part of the Emerald eye on the Predelica stream (left). Predelski slap (the waterfall of Predel) is with its 50 meters the highest waterfall on this stream (right).

In 2000 there was a huge landslide that greatly changed the middle and the lower section of the Predelica stream. If you would like to see the lower part of the stream, note, that the path is difficult and is not accessable without the ropes and other technical gear.  Mind the danger of the falling rocks in all parts of the Predelica.

2. Remote paradise: Kaludrica stream with its unforgettable colors

There are three waterfalls on the Kaludrica stream in the charming Koritnica Valley (near Log pod Mangartom). Absolutely far away from the main road, unknown and not so easily accessible (not a marked path!). We could not believe how creative the nature is since we got to the second, 8 meters high waterfall with emerald pool covered with colorful vegetation. We were discovering this spots in summer so the lower part of the stream was dry and we decided to follow its river-bed. We returned back on the path that leads to the small power plant.

Skriti slap (Hidden Waterfall) is more waterous in the sping (left). It is absolutely fantastic to connect to nature next to the the second waterfall on the Kaludrica stream (we have named this place Nebesa, meaning heaven in English, right picture).

3. Prešnik ravine hides one of the most stunning hidden Slovenian waterfalls

There are more than seven waterfalls on the Prešnik stream (Prešnikov graben) which is situated under the Loška Stena mounatin wall, not far away from the Možnica valley (Soča Valley). The stream is not easily accessible, there is no path, so it is necessary to use the rope and other gear to move safely. After all, for us these were one of the most exceptional Slovenian waterfalls for sure.

First impressions of the Prešnik waterfalls: wild beauty far away from crowded places.
Upper part of the Prešnik Stream is a breathtaking scene: more than 60 meters high gorge filled with waterfalls in more stages, ending in a fascinating emerald pool. Just outstanding!

4. Following the wilderness of Ilovec, remote corners

Pretty world of waterfalls, of which just one was easily accessible (right photo). It is called Prvi slap (first waterfall in english) and is interesting because of its specific geological surrounding. After 2,5 km from Log pod Mangartom towards Predel Pass, on the left turning serpentine we found the forest path on the right side of the road (just 10-15 steps from the road). It took us 10 minutes to get to the first waterfall. For exploring upper waterfalls it is necessary to use the equipment like a rope, helmet and other gear.

First, 8 meters high waterfall of the Ilovik stream is easily accessible (right photo). It was difficult to find a path to other waterfalls (it is not marked and disappears in some parts).
  • WHEN TO GO: spring, summer, autumn (NOTE!! Check the conditions, note that there could be snow in early spring or late autumn, it could be slippery after the rain )
  • DURATION OF THE TRIP: 2-5 hours
  • DIFFICULTY: moderate to very demanding
  • HOW TO GO: by car to Log pod Mangartom
  • APPROPRIATE FOR: couples
  • WHERE TO SLEEP AND EAT: Predel House, Hotel Alpine***
  • MORE INFO: TIC Bovec

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