Top 5 adventures in the Soča valley

The Soča Valley is all about the outdoors. It offers a variety of adventures on the ground, on the water in the air … whichever you prefer. And the best is yet to come – it’s all going on in the unspoilt nature of the Julian Alps and the Triglav National park, with perfect views on the valley and the emerald Soča river.  If you are in doubt choosing the activities, here are our top 5 picks for outdoor and adventures in the Soča Valley:


Soča river rafting (photo F.A. Bonano, archives
Soča river rafting (photo F A Bonano, archive www bovec si)

Rafting on the emerald Soča river will definitely be one of the greatest experiences you will always remember when you think of Slovenia. You don’t need experience (aside from swimming), rafting is fun and suitable for almost everybody. The adrenaline seekers will go to a more adventurous part of the river while families can decide for a more relaxed trip on the smaller rapids.

During the trip you can admire the hidden spots of the Soča river and furthermore make short stops for some swimming, jumping and raft sliding. Don’t forget your bathing suit and a towel!


Paragliding from the Mangart saddle in the Soča valley (photo: David Štulc Zornik, LTO Bovec)
Paragliding from the Mangart saddle in the Soča valley is one of the most scenic adventures in the Soča valley and Julian Alps (photo: David Štulc Zornik, LTO Bovec)

There is plenty of adrenaline seeking enthusiasts wanting to explore the adventures in the Soča Valley from a bird’s perspective. Good thermal conditions and dramatic views of the Julian Alps are two of the reasons that convince many paragliders to come fly to the Soča Valley. There are two great take-off points: Mt. Stol (Kobarid) and Mangartsko sedlo (Log pod Mangartom). 

Paragliding is also possible without prior experience as paragliding companies offer tandem flightsAdditionally, for the really brave wanting to test their limits, there is skydiving. Bovec is one of the best drop-zones in the Julian Alps: you can enjoy as an experienced skydiver or go for a tandem jump


Adventurea park Slovenia Srnca_Bovec_Julian Alps_Soča Valley_photo Janko Humar_LTO Bovec
Srnca adventure park is one of the easiest zip-line adventures in the Soča valley (photo Janko Humar).

Zipline or the flying fox is one of the relatively new adventures in the Soča Valley. There are two zipline parks in the area, both are among the biggest in Europe. The first park is situated on the slopes of Mt.Kanin, flying down the cables you will have great views of the Bovec basin and the Soča river. You can even combine zip-lining with descend to Bovec with monster rollers (sort of mountain scooters)!

Another zip-line park is in the Učja canyon and also has a cultural note to it – you will be exploring the history and the flora of the valley on your way. You will be accompanied by a guide at all times. At the start you will get special safety harness, a helmet, a pair of gloves and off you go! 

If you are scared of great heights or you have small children there is a milder version of the Srnica adventure park .This park is much more interesting than regular adventure parks since you travel down the canyon exploring the natural attractions of the area. You will never be more than 8m above the ground while steel cables, wooden bridges, slack-lines and two zip-lines will take you through the 120 m long canyon.


Biking in the Soča Valley (photo Chris Davies, LTO Bovec)
Biking in the Soča Valley is becoming more and more popular (photo Chris Davies, LTO Bovec).

The surroundings of Bovec are crisscrossed with trails, paths and roads that are a true bliss for bikers. Bovec lies at an altitude of 430 m and one of its attractions is that the biking season here is very long – it starts in March and lasts till the middle of November. Tours like Mt. Mangart and Stol offer biking at an altitude of over 1000 m. 


Canyoning in the Soca Valley, Fratarica stream.
Canyoning in the Soca Valley is one of the most vertiginous adventures in the Soča Valley. Refreshment in the Fratarica stream (photo T. Gerkman)

Canyoning is a popular adventure taking you deep into some of the most beautiful canyons and gorges. You’ll be amazed by the crystal clear waterfalls, emerald pools and pristine nature. There are different techniques used in a canyon like sliding, jumping, abseiling – it will definitely be a fun challenge! The experienced guides will equip you with all necessary gear  (ropes, helmets, wetsuits, shoes …) and will lead you through the unspoiled remote world of the hidden canyons.

Canyoning is organized on:

  • the Sušec stream (2-3 h; natural aqua park with a lot of small pools and not so high waterfalls, a lot of jumping and sliding)
  • the Fratarica stream (3-5 h; picturesque canyon in the Triglav national park, mixture of sliding and abseiling)
  • the Predelica stream (3-4 h; magnificent canyon, a lot of abseiling)
  • the Globoški potok stream (very demanding)
  • the Kozjak canyon near Kobarid (very demanding)

Please, check additional information before attending canyoning, one of the most vertiginous adventures in the Soča valley 😉 :

Special thanks to TIC Bovec for giving some additional information about adventure activities.

NOTE: When attending outdoor adventures in Slovenia, it is recommended that you hire a qualified guide. As conditions in the mountains may change rapidly, please pay special attention to the weather forecast, the risk of sunshine but above all do not overestimate your skills and abilities. Check all information on the Tourist information center. We do not take the responsibility for the data in text.


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