Motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek Valley

The trip starts in Velenje, the youngest Slovenian city, famous for Coal Mining Museum, socialist heritage and Pippi Longstocking festival. When in Velenje, a Lucifer chocolate is a must, so before the trip you could stop by Kavarna Lucifer to enjoy unique flavours of their delicious chocolates and cakes. If you are looking for a quick summer refreshment have a swim in the Velenje lake.

Sightseeing and motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek valley

Route continues to Mozirje, Nazarje, Rečica, Ljubno, Luče, the villages next to the vivid Savinja River. Mozirje is famous for colorful Mozirski gaj flower park and Golte hiking resort which could be reached by cable car that gets to 1400 m. Vrbovec Castle with Museum of forestry is the main tourist attraction in Nazarje.

Mozirski gaj flower park_motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek Valley, Slovenia
Mozirski gaj flower park_motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek valley, Slovenia

At Luče take 15 minutes for your camera and  Igla natural monument that looks like a door to to the highlands of Savinja Valley and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The Savinja River has dug a narrow gorge along the tectonic joint between Luče and Solčava. The waters have curved a 40 meter tall rocky column – Igla (the needle). There is also an interesting spring (Intermittent spring) with periodic activity. These two sights are said to be the oldest natural monuments in Slovenia.

Enjoy great vistas on the Alps when motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek valley

The road from Solčava to the Pavličevo sedlo Pass is full of natural wonders and spectacular views. Famous Logar Valley (Logarska dolina) landscape park is said to be one of the most beautiful Alpine Valleys in Europe. In the Solčavsko surroundings there are many  tourist farms where you could try delicious local food and cuisine like Savinjski želodec dry meat. On the Pavličevo sedlo Pass the road enters Austria and leads to Jezersko (Slovenia). Jezersko offers exceptional views on the surrounding mountains and “relaxing” corners next to the Planšar lake (Planšarsko jezero). The Kamnik-Savinja Alps area is for sure the most scenic part of motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek valley.

Kamnik-Savinja Alps, motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek Valley, Slovenia.
Kamnik-Savinja Alps, motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek valley, Slovenia.
The road descends to Gorenjska Region and than turns back to Savinja and Šalek valley. On the way back  you could ascend to Črnivec Pass and stop by at Gornji Grad, the village that could be proud of its mighty church, which is the largest and architecturally the most important baroque building in Slovenia. Drive back to Velenje through Nazarje.
Motorbiking at Savinja & Šalek valley could be fun in spring, summer or autumn, but check if the Pavličevo sedlo pass is open. Asphalt road all along the way. In the surroundings there are some small macadam  roads for enduro enthusiasts  as well.

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