Top 11 adventure & outdoor events in Slovenia 2016

What is your favorite adventure? Trail running, MTB, cycling, swimming, climbing, kayaking, caving or simply just crazy stylish racing on Pony bikes. Great atmosphere of Slovenian Alps, Istria and charming cities, active vibe and  good company.  Check our list of  11 great adventure and outdoor events in Slovenia.

1. GOLTE TRAIL, 28th&29th May 2016, Savinja&Šalek Valley

Two active days for run lovers. On 28th of May the runners will start the ascent to Golte next to  the small town Mozirje, which is well-known for the colorful Mozirski gaj flower park. From the Žekovec (Golte) cable car station, through the green forests and pastures the competitors will get a breath of fresh air. The race finishes at the comfortable Golte mountain & skiing resort. Next day the race continues above 1400 m. Runners may choose between one or two laps of running. Video shows some moments of Golte trail in the last years.

  • WHEN: 28/5/2016 at 10 am (ascent) & 29/5/2016 at 10 am (trail running)
  • WHERE: Golte, Mozirje, Savinja & Šalek Valley, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY of ASCENT: difficult, ascent 930 m, distance: 5,5 km
  • DIFFICULTY of TRAIL RUNNING: moderate-difficult, ascent of one lap: +-290 m, 1 lap 4,5 km/2 laps 9 km
  • ENTRY FEE:  get info


Save the energy! The hardest Slovenian long distance triathlon experience has a new name. Ocean Lava Race Celje-Logarska Valley, Slovenia consists of swimming, cycling and running. Great challange ends in the breathtaking Logar valley, that is said to be one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe. Check the video how the competitors tested their abilities in 2014.

  • WHEN: 28/5/2016 at 9 am
  • WHERE: Celje (start), Logar Valley (finish), Savinja Valley, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: swimming 1.900 m, cycling 90 km, running 21 km
  • ENTRY FEE:  59- 92 €

3. RED BULL GONI PONI, 4th June 2016, Kranjska Gora

Have you heard of legendary Pony bicycle? It was a must in every Slovenian family decades ago. After years all this old 70’s & 80’s models are very much alive! 🙂 A lot of fun, no gears, about 200 competitors on Pony bicycles  and stunning nature.  Finish on the top of Vršič  pass (1611 m) will award you with a great views on the Julian Alps. And do not forget about the style which is very important category! For sure one of the craziest outdoor events in Slovenia. Get impression of the last year’s race in the video of Klemen Bučan.

  • WHEN: 4/6/2016 at 12.00
  • WHERE: Kranjska Gora, Julian Alps, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: difficult, ascent 801 m, distance: 13,5 km, gradient: max 10,8%
  • ENTRY FEE: 15 € per participant
  • ORGANIZER, INFO & APPLICATION: Red Bull Slovenia info

4. FRANJA MARATHON, 10th-12th June 2016, Ljubljana

A traditional 3 day recreational cycling event with more than 7.000 participants starts at Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016. Different categories and routes include: Franja marathon (156 km or 97 km), Hofer family marathon (25 km), Vzajemna kids course (1,5 km) and Time trial. It is named after  World War II hidden hospital (now protected as a war monument) which the marathon passes on its way, thus paying tribute to the bravery of medical personnel, taking care of wounded Partisans and allied armed forces.

  • WHEN: 10/6/2016 -12/6/2016
  • WHERE: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: very easy-difficult
  • ENTRY FEE: 20 € – 60 € , get more info here
  • ORGANIZER, INFO & APPLICATION: Marathon Franja BTC City info

5. ADVENTURE RACE SLOVENIA, 17th-19th June 2016

More than 100 checkpoints scattered over the diverse landscape of Slovenia. MTB trails, cool creeks to freshen yourself up in, breath-taking views over half of the country and an unforgettable adventure. Rover (2 days, approx. 30 hours, 260 km) or explorer category (3 days, approx. 50 hours, 410 km) in more than 5 disciplines: trekking, MTB, caving, kayaking, MTB Orienteering, abseiling, Orienteering run, climbing. One of the most challenging outdoor events in Slovenia!

  • WHEN: 17/6/2016 -19/6/2016
  • WHERE:  Velenje, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: very difficult
  • ENTRY FEE: rover category – 330 €/team of 2 participants; explorer category – 660 €/team of 4 participants , get more info here

6. LEGIONAR CHALLENGE VELENJE, 18th June 2016, Savinja&Šalek Valley

Velenje, the youngest Slovenian city, will be the host of a challenging race where the participants will have to overcome different obstacles on the way next to Velenje lakes like holding the balance, climbing the obstacles … The competitors may join the race as a team or individuals. In both case you will get a lot of help of other participants.

  • WHEN: 18/6/2016 at 11 am
  • WHERE: Velenje, Savinja & Šalek Valley,Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: difficult, distance 7 km, 10 different challenges (obstacles)
  • ENTRY FEE: 28 €

7. SOČA OUTDOOR FESTIVAL, 25th June-13th July, Soča Valley

Outdoor festival in the stunning Soča valley, well-known for emerald rapids of the Soča river. If you are keen on outdoor sports, than you should not miss this vivid event, one of the biggest outdoor events in Slovenia. Soča MTB Marathon (distance 45 km, ascent1450 m), Trail Run (Vzajemna trail run distance 10 km, ascent 200 m; Adidas trail run distance 14 km, 500 m; Soča trail run distance 54 km,  1897 m), Slo Enduro Race , Soča outdoor orienteering, XC paragliding speed race and the main novelty of 2016 running programme Alpe Adria Cross stage race.

  • WHEN: 25/06/2016-13/07/2016, check the timetable
  • WHERE: Soča Valley, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: recreational participants, professionals
  • ENTRY FEE: 30-35 €, check more info
  • ORGANIZER, INFO & APPLICATION: Soča outdoor festival info

8. BLACK HOLE BIKE FEST, 23th-31 of July 2016, Koroška

Keen on biking? A multi-day recreational MTB competition. Black Hole Marathon, the world’s only biking route that takes competitors deep into the underground, Black Hole Enduro, a 2-day competition kicked off by a spectacular urban prologue, unforgettable guided tours over Koroška’s mountain peaks, international video contest and film screenings. Check what was going on in 2014:

  • WHEN: 23/07/2016-31/07/2016, check the timetable
  • WHERE: Koroška, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: very easy-difficult
  • ENTRY FEE: approx. 32-35 €, check more info
  • ORGANIZER, INFO & APPLICATION: Black hole bike festival info

9. REKREATUR 2016, 25th-28th August, Savinja & Šalek Valley

One of the biggest cycling events in Slovenia is especially popular between tourists that would like to combine adventure with sightseeing. In contrast to the flat landscape of the Pomurje region last year, this time the cyclists will take a closer look at the hilly part of northern Slovenia. But don’t worry, the organizers have chosen the most beautiful roads like the one to the amazing Logar Valley or a jump to the Slovene Carinthia with several lovely descents.

  • WHEN: 25/08/2016-28/08/2016, check the stages
  • WHERE: Savinja & Šalek Valley, Slovenia
  • DIFFICULTY: moderate-difficult
  • ENTRY FEE:  check more info here

10. RED BULL 400 PLANICA, 17th September 2016, Kranjska Gora

A fourth opportunity for – take a breath!! – running to the top of the flying hill by brothers Gorišek. The location of the famous Planica FIS ski jumping competition gets the new dimension in the summer. Very demanding 400 m for 200 women, 200 men and 60 teams that are ascending to the top. What a crazy idea!

  • WHEN: 17/09/2016
  • WHERE: Planica, Kranjska Gora, Julian Alps
  • DIFFICULTY: difficult
  • ENTRY FEE: applications open on 20th of June
  • ORGANIZER, INFO & APPLICATION: Red bull Slovenia, applications open on 20th of June

11. ISTRIAN CYCLING MARATHON, 23th-25th September, Slovenian Istria

Three various cycling routes for all tastes and levels of preparedness. The children or cyclist that are not particulary in shape will enjoy mini marathon (17 km), others 51 km or 75 km long route. The race is located in scenic Slovenian Istria, where the panoramic views of hinterland villages is guaranteed.

  • WHEN: 23/09/2016-25/09/2016, check the timetable
  • WHERE: Koper, Piran, Izola, Ankaran
  • DIFFICULTY: easy-difficult, short (distance 15 km, ascent 20 m), medium (distance 51 km, ascent 800 m), long route (distance 75 km, ascent 1200 m)
  • ENTRY FEE: 5-25 €
  • ORGANIZER, INFO & APPLICATION: Istrian cycling marathon

Please contact the event organizers before attending the events and get more information. We do not take any responsibility for the content of this site. Sources and videos for the text Top 11 adventure & outdoor events in Slovenia:, Klemen Bučan, You tube, Probakster, B. Zalokar, Red Bull, TD Rekreatur, Black hole bike fest, Soča outdoor festival, Golte trail, Legionar Velenje, Ocean lava race, cover image: T. Jesenicnik, Rinka center.


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