What a hell? Jama Pekel cave

What would you think, if someone invites you to to the “Hell cave”. Well, the invitation or the first impression could be a bit odd, but you will change your mind after an hour tour through the wild cave. In the past, locals were afraid of the Jama Pekel cave, because the temperature in the cave was higher than outside and the vapors were believed to be a devil’s work. That’s why they named it Pekel (eng. hell).

Jama Pekel cave is one of the wildest caves in Slovenia.
Jama Pekel cave entrance at landscape park Ponikva , Sempeter v Savinjski dolini, Slovenia

How did the devil make the Jama Pekel cave

The Jama Pekel cave is located in the Ponikva landscape park, 4 km from Sempeter v Savinjski dolini. For millions of years the Ponikvica stream has run and trickled through the limestone in the karstic plateau and has carved one of the wildest caves in Slovenia that are opened for tourist, Jama Pekel Cave. The stream dissapears in front of the cave and reappears in the cave as Peklenščica stream. Karst cave is more than 3 million years old and you could explore the underground on about 1200 m of the path. The path is well maintained, but you have to watch your head!

Jama Pekel cave is a great hint for adventure in Slovenia
In the upper part of the Jama Pekel cave there are numerous karst structures.

You could visit the Jama Pekel cave just with a guide

Discovering the cave with a guide is an unique experience. What an imagination do they have ;). With the guide’s help you won’t miss frogs, devils, Bled island and even broccoli.  There are two parts of the cave. Lower part is full of waters of Pekelnščica stream that proud itself with the 4-meter high waterfall. Upper part of the Jama Pekel cave is dry and full of interesting cave structures.

Karst phenomena in the jama Pekel cave "ponvica".
Karst phenomena in the jama Pekel cave “ponvica”.

You don’t have to watch the weather forecast. The temperature in the Jama Pekel cave is 10° C, so do not forget warm clothes.  Freezing in the cave could really turn your adventure to hell ;-).

  • WHEN TO GO: spring, summer, autumn
  • DIFFICULTY: easy-moderate
  • HOW TO GO: hiking trip, cars are not allowed in the park
  • APPROPRIATE FOR: couples, families (not small children), group trips
  • SIGHTS AND ACTIVITIES IN SURROUNDINGS: Roman necropolis, biking and cycling at Lower Savinja Valley
  • DON’T FORGET: suitable footwear and warm clothes
  • ENTRANCE FEE: approx. 4 € – 8 €
  • MORE INFO: TD Sempeter, +386 3 70 02 056, +386 3 57 02 138



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